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So I have written about two articles discussing recent events in Destiny 2.

The first one here is about the weekend event where The Almighty explored in a blaze of glory. It was a rather important event in accordance to both the lore and concept. It was a great thing to see but I have some reservations about it. You can see that one here.

But due to this being a 2 for 1 special, I am going to include my second article here about the start of the Season of the Arrivals and my first impressions of the start of said season. I do have to catch up on some elements but it’s so far a really strong start to a season that will follow to the next major expansion. You can read that one here.

Destiny has an Identity Crisis

This week over at Seasoned Gaming I wrote about Destiny 2, and how the psychological implications of it’s addiction leads the game to drift in a landscape of issues.

I know, I said last week that this one would be a bit more laid back, but I have failed to do so.

I had a lot more to write about this topic, but my writing was already 6 pages long. Talking about lore and other addictive practices would have turned this into an all out dissertation. I’m usually cool with that, but it’s been a really rough week of me forgetting what day it is. So please hit the link up top and let me know what you think.


World of Console-Craft


It’s been yet another year that I sit back and I gaze upon the internet and see yet again the rumors of the past rear their heads, and the incredible outrage that immediately follows it.  I feel like I can open a lot of stories with this line.  Whenever it comes to bringing PC games to console, a particular crowd seems to become more unruly than usual.  Come to think of it, the same goes for when console games get poor PC ports, or when Epic Games seems to strike an exclusivity deal.  But then there are stories that shouldn’t raise an eyebrow and have no bearing on the community as a whole.  Yet, condemnation still occurs.  Blizzard adding controller support to an otherwise PC exclusive game opens the floodgates for scrutiny, and this begs the question: Will World of Warcraft be on consoles?  Is it even possible?  

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Spoiler Edition



Alright, put the kids to bed, turn off your cell phone unless you are reading this on your cell phone then please keep reading.  Let’s get just cut into the meat of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There is a ton to discuss and I have a lot of thoughts about many aspects of this game.  I previously reviewed the game and went over some of the more superficial aspects without spoiling the plot. I recognize that there are people who have yet to experience the original title and I felt it was necessary to split this into a two part review for the sake of those who wish to be surprised.  Even as someone who played the original many times over, I am left pleasantly surprised, and eager for more.

(EDIT 4/29/2020 – I have slept on the game more.  I have had conversations with many people about the game and I have come to understand more of it.  It took a while to really let it sink in, but I figured with new information comes new aspects, and I will be changing this piece with my new perspectives.)

Note: Before I go any further I will state that there are plotline spoilers in this article.  I specifically left this whole three pages out of the original review so I didn’t spoil anything for people who haven’t played the original game.  If you have completed the game, and it seems possible that you did by now, then please read on.  If you do not care about certain elements, then read on.  If you are not buying this game out of sheer resentment of Square for not releasing a full game; then you might want to turn back.  Or read on.  Either way, consider yourself warned.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Spoiler Free Review



When I was young and didn’t feel like going to school, I did what every kid would do: try very hard to convince my parents I was sick.  After spending a lot of time putting on the most lackluster performance of someone being sick, I finally convinced them to let me stay home.  I spend the better part of the day laying in bed, playing Final Fantasy VII. When kids worried about their test scores and what Nathan was going to do during lunch, I pondered the events that would transpire after I left Cosmo Canyon.  Ah, to look back on the problems I had when I was young.

Final Fantasy VII was the first game that impacted me on an emotional level.  It was the first game that made me think about what a story consisted of. It introduced me to the concept of storyline twists, what villains were made of, and what it took to become a hero.  It showed me that people change and evolve, and perhaps people that didn’t care about others could become attentive and strong leaders. The game taught me about loss, how to cope, and how to move on.  

I know that I was not the only person to have similar experiences with this game.  Final Fantasy VII became a staple in video game culture to the likings of Legend of Zelda and Mario.  Cloud Strife, with his giant buster sword became an icon, and so did his counterpart: Sephiroth. Seeing an eventual remake of this game was a no-brainer.  But what time is the right time?

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Review: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order


It’s not often I find a good Star Wars game.  I feel that most titles holding the Star Wars license to be rather dull, uninspired, and a bit cash grabby.  After the situation involving Star Wars: Battlefront II and their lootboxes; it’s very easy to dismiss any games that have the EA (Electronic Arts) logo on it and claim to be a good Star Wars game.  The bad taste that EA has left in our collective mouths is only whisked away by this Respawn Entertainment developed zesty pallet cleanser called Jedi Fallen Order.  Jedi Fallen Order has a lot to unpack and a whole lot more to prove.  Between EA stating that “single player games dead” and Respawn trying to prove themselves as a powerful developer; Jedi Fallen Order seems to be a title that brings balance to the force in so many ways.

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Maybe it’s us… No, it’s the players who are wrong!

Years ago I used to wake up at the crack of noon, grab myself a drink from the local convenience store, and binge the hell out of World of Warcraft (WoW).  I’m not talking one or two hour sessions, I’m talking about days!  I would play WoW like it was my job.  I spent a good part of my 20’s leveling and getting raid ready, year after year.  It wasn’t until the Cataclysm expansion released that my life in WoW became somewhat stagnant.

I can’t blame Blizzard at that time, but today I very well could say that thing.  Cataclysm was just the start of the inevitable downfall of one of my most favorite (and most played) games of all time.  How often I dream about going back to the game but I just cannot seem to attach myself to what is essentially an abusive relationship, especially the state that the game is in now.

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Next Generation Opinions: No One Cares


If you know me by now, then this next comment will not surprise you: I’m not a fan of sports.  I don’t find football or baseball remotely appealing to me.  Honestly, I could care less about a player’s stats then anything else.  The one thing that always made me turn away from sports is this mob mentality of being a fan.  If I was to root for a baseball team, it would be the Mets.  Can I tell you who’s on the team?  Only one player, Mike Piazza, and that’s only because his name reminds me of Pizza.

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Microsoft: Trust Issues


After the recent blow up of Microsoft taking away all DRM restrictions with the Xbox One, a lot of people have grown from haters to people who would actually consider the system.  I will admit that I fit into that camp of fans.  Most of my major concerns with the system have been solved but at the cost of some features that we are just not ready for.  I willingly accept the fact that the Xbox One has lost it’s main differentiators.  Now the system is just like the PlayStation 4, which I don’t have a huge gripe with.  On the other hand, we are a generation that just isn’t ready for the type of console that Microsoft originally wanted to produce.  Continue reading “Microsoft: Trust Issues”

E3: The Final Play


Each team stood at their lines, ready for the final play.  The home team held the ball, ready to throw the last winning touchdown.  The underdogs stood there staring the opposing team down, not running away, or answering the threats made against them.  Instead, they ran with the final run.  In the end, the underdogs intercepted the ball.  They landed and instantly took off.  Killzone blocked the first attacker.  Then the indie games ran aside the catcher.  Destiny then came in and tackled one out of the two last runners on the tail of the interceptor.   Then, out of nowhere, Jack Tretton himself came and ensured the final point for Sony; sending Microsoft off to the showers with their heads hung low. Continue reading “E3: The Final Play”