As writing becomes more prevalent in my life experience, I would like to follow suit on a personal ethics policy. These are rules outlined in order to create transparency between myself, readers, and outlets. I am doing this in order to hold myself up to a standard that I set, and if waver from my policy that I can be accurately held accountable not only by others but myself.

This policy is in place as of 7/12/2020, and may see updates in the future.


I do not often review games. When I get time to review a game, I will. Often enough, I rarely get a review code for title well in advance of a game’s release. Due to my current stance within the game’s journalism world, I have yet to obtain copies of highly anticipated games. When a title is released, I will be playing alongside of you. So reviews will be delayed for a later time. This also enables me to do several things. The first one being that I will disclose if a title is provided to me via advanced code or copy.

I will also provide my opinion on the full title instead of segments. Due to previous statements, I will not be held to an NDA, nor will I have to cut pieces of reviews down in order to better fit review parameters. I will have certain freedoms with various titles.

I will also review the game in it’s full context, taking my time to examine the title as much as I can unless the game seems to be more of an arcade style where an ending is either unobtainable or not a part of the experience. This will be discussed in the reviews.

Writing for Outlets

As a part of my writing, I will work with various outlets.

Currently, my ethics follows the idea that I will place my article on the site in which I have an agreement with. That article will be placed on their site for all to read. After the article is posted on the main site, I will also post said article on here.

Currently I do not get paid for what I write. I have done it in the past as a hobby, but due to current circumstances I have decided to pursue writing. Creating a portfolio is important to me in order to achieve a level in which I am properly compensated for my time and passion. As they say, exposure doesn’t pay the bills.