It’s been a long day, but you finally get home and put your feet up on the table and wish to play some Ghost of Tsushima, a game that everyone has been adoring lately. As you start it up you realize you need to download a patch or perhaps a power outage happened and now the Playstation is yelling at you. Not a big deal. You jump on Twitter and you see this guy: Steve. He is quick witted, funny, and attempts to be rather centered on most gaming related topics. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and because of all these attributes, you hit the follow button. What you experience along your time with Steve is a strange journey. You dive right into the mind of the estranged anxiety driven comedian, with the heart and soul of a video game journalist/content creator. Is it worth your time? 

Graphically, Steve is a living, breathing person.  So when you see him, he should appear in the absolute highest definition possible.  He really stands out against the backdrop of the various environments that you may find him in.  When you see him, you could swear that you could interact with him, and you can depending on your distance and how comfortable you are with talking to people.  Even though he’s a person presented  in high definition, some of his clothing may present a vintage style.  Several shirts that he owns look a bit worn down, but that is done on purpose. You’ll always get jeans and a t-shirt style of Steve in almost every situation unless otherwise stated.  When there is a special event such as a wedding or a job interview, he does clean up rather well, assuring that he would not be the ragged dog that someone else accidentally let in.  

Steve almost got yelled at by staff when he went in for this.

Sound wise, Steve has a pretty strong voice.  It doesn’t always sound exactly as it does in his head, but it’s still impactful enough to pick him out of a crowd.  He can display a series of emotions through just his voice, and you can tell when he means to present a question or provide a solidified statement.  He can get loud when he wants to, but chooses not to unless the situation is dire, which then you can expect him to emit a commanding presence, which in some cases is needed.

You can’t control Steve no matter how hard you try.  His wife can attest to this, Steve will do what he wants unless priorities come into play.  This means taking care of his family or getting paid to do something that is within his skill wheelhouse.  If you try to press the left joystick in to make him run, he will not, because he is a person.  But he also won’t run because he’s out of shape, and he can run for about 10 seconds before he gets sweaty and gross.  You’ll wanna hose him down if you decide to perform any sort of hard labor.

Besides the gross amount of sweat, another challenge occurs when Steve needs to hear you.  He can hear really good in his left ear while the right ear receives sound in a muffled tone.  He has seen a doctor about this and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done with this at the moment.  It may be due to all the rock music he listened to back in the day.  Also, when you tell him something, he may ask you to repeat it.  Then as you are saying the words for a second time, his brain fully processes everything you said the first time.  Unless you talk to him while other sounds are going off, which in this case he may ask you “what?” several times over until you go crazy.  That’s a rare glitch though, and it hasn’t been experienced in quite some time and may have been fixed in a recent update, so your mileage may vary on this.

Many years ago he played music. This is the best photo of him doing that.

Steve is a very flexible person, and tends to keep an open schedule as best as he can.  He is a family man, but if you need him, reaching out is quite simple.  You can utilize most messaging services in order to reach him such as texting, Facebook Messenger, and even Twitter.  Email is also a great way, as he checks that too much thanks to a habit caused by the Gloomhaven Kickstarter campaign.  If he doesn’t answer, chances are he is most likely sleeping which tends to happen from midnight to whenever his six month old child wakes up.  Steve will get your message, but sometimes he might not answer right away.  This is because his child tends to wake up really early and that might not be a great time to respond, and because of this he tends to forget to respond.  

Recently, Steve and his wife are currently experiencing parenting.  Since the birth of his daughter he has been rather tired as of late, and trying to do what he can to capture inspiration when it strikes.  Due to his newborn dependent, if you do need assistance in life and you would like Steve to help, conversing with him is important.  When  you have made plans with him, always assume that he will be tired.  As long as you got Blueberry Red Bull or coffee, he can fight through the tiredness.

There was that time he met Ben Schwartz, who prolly hated that he was recognized by me in public.

Steve has his own dreams and aspirations which include writing and playing video games.  He sometimes likes to write about video games, which this review is not about.  He can also talk about current events without losing his temper and calling you names.  Steve ops for jokes over super serious political talk, so most of the time you can have these really great conversations with him knowing you’re talking to someone genuine.  He always likes to make people feel better and he will stop at nothing to make sure everyone is alright.  If you are sad and trying to hide it, it will do you no good because Steve sees right through it.  

It would be a disservice if I didn’t briefly discuss the many skills that Steve possesses. He has some minor construction skills which is great for when you need a little fixing around the house. He comes with some tools as well, which is a plus because chances are, he won’t need to use yours. He’s has also been known to write, cook, edit audio and video, and how to use some photoshop.

In conclusion, Steve is a good guy with a big imagination.  He likes to ponder over meaningless stuff, can shout out various quotes to many movies and TV shows, and is always open to exploring new things.  If you do not know him, that’s fine, he doesn’t mind meeting new people.  He also knows how to read a room which is very important for larger social situations.  Steve is great, and hopefully your life is just a little bit better just meeting him.

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