“Hell has frozen over” is the only thing that I can think of.  Upon my last post about this very same thing, it took me hours to put together my thoughts, cite sources, and more.  I thought that I was going to have a well planned and thought out argument about the stance that EA has taken when it comes to their attempt to keep the Star Wars license.

I was wrong.

Yes, you guys get to read the phrase that I only uttered to my wife when I say we don’t have something and she finds it.  Usually I take pride in my thoughts and predictions but the fact remains that EA and Respawn has taken a complete 180 degree turn from what I was expecting.  Looter-shooters are the current hot trend of the year, and to see EA turn that concept around and release a single player game that is devoid of multiplayer functionality as well as no microtransactions doesn’t make me think that hell has frozen over, but it is is now just a gigantic ice cube.  I don’t know what Respawn did to melt the icy heart of Andrew Wilson, but I would like to know the tactic.  Perhaps they pointed out that every game that did have a multiplayer component (Battlefront 1 and 2) just didn’t take off?

Respawn has been known to deliver great campaigns.  After all, the team is responsible for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2.  They helped deliver great experiences such as the “All ghillied up” mission which remains as a modern masterpiece and a pure example of how to build tension.  They were also responsible for the “No Russian” mission that despite being controversial, helped usher in a new form of maturity into the modern gamesphere.

I will also not hesitate to mention Titanfall 2’s campaign, as that is another great example on how to tell a great story while not taking away from the action.  Titanfall 2’s campaign is a short and sweet package that anyone can overcome within a day’s time, and even though it lacks the complications that we have grown accustomed to, Respawn did a great job of making me feel immersed in a world that I care deeply about.

This is why I have faith in Respawn.  They are not the Bioware of yesterday.  Passion to make good games seems to be something that is almost lost in the AAA industry.  Granted, every so often we get these tiny love letters of games released, it’s something we do take for granted.  Independent games seems to be where passion thrives these days.  It’s unfortunate that small studios will never be able to pump out games as graphically pleasing as Red Dead Redemption 2.  I’m not saying they never will, but I have yet to see something so graphically superior.  Alas, we cannot forget that for every Anthem and Division that lacks story, we always have an Undertale, Firewatch, or Soma.

(Granted I wasn’t a huge fan of Soma but a lot of people liked it so I wrote it.)

I cannot help but be excited for yet another holiday season filled with the spirit of Star Wars movies, games, and grapes.


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