The human mind is very complex.  It’s amazing how this one part of your body determines so much about you; from your skills to the way you converse.  The mind does so much. For example: it stores so many John Mulaney jokes and allows you to poorly spout them out at your friends during a party.

There is one thing that it does that makes me go “huh… that’s interesting” and that is how your mind validates your own actions.  I’m not saying “Hey, I gave a dollar to a homeless person, cool.”  I am talking about the bad things.  I am talking about the terrible things that people do, and how they somehow imagine themselves as the “good guy” in the scenario.

You see this a lot with violent crimes.  Someone will do something and somehow they got it in their head that their actions were justified.  I know it’s a simple thought but that justification is something we all do, just not to that extreme.  You know how you go to the gym and then you go, “You know what, I did good today. I’m gonna get a burger!” That’s a bad idea! You shouldn’t get that burger!  But your mind justifies it.  You think of so many different ways to beat around your own personal system.  So burger today, salad tomorrow.

It’s sad to see it in the news but even sadder when it see it in my hobby.  Recently, Steam decided to drop the big “oh hell no!” on a game called “Rape Day.”  Do you know what the game is about?  Just look at the title.  I’m sure you can get the idea.

But let’s not think of anything else besides the constant idea of “no duh, Steam is going to say no to this game!” Even the creator of the game released a statement that went along the lines of: “Well, I guess that is a bad thing and there are kids on Steam so this is just a bad idea.”

Well I am glad that he guy who made this game, a game about rape, is thinking of the children.  Children shouldn’t be playing this game, and plenty of adults shouldn’t be playing this game either! The only use for a terrible game like this, is to stir up the controversy that lies within the game itself and the way the industry looks at these games.

Just think of the process that the game had to go through just to make it to this point.  Most games have concept art, idea building, brainstorming, and eventually goes into the actual computer generated development process.  Hours upon hours of coding to make sure the game is working as intended.  The entire process, the developer didn’t stop to think, “maybe this is a bad idea?”

It is also bad enough that now we have yet another demerit under our belt that Fox News and other misinformed boomers can point at when the next terrible gun related incident is blamed on violent games.

Despite me (and many, many others) not being happy, I am also not surprised.  It’s unfortunate that we have a game like this in the major headlines and it does have a terrible consequence: associating the gamer persona with this terrible title.  It’s another unnecessary connection that people can make without any terrible situation happening.  It’s a trump card when you have arguments about violence in gaming and you wish to condemn said games.

So you would think that this would be the final nail in the proverbial coffin for this game.  Unfortunately, a group on Reddit (I will not mention them) decided that they want to defend the game.  Yes, they want to have “Rape Day” on Steam for all to see and buy.

They are using any excuse they can in order to justify the release of this game on a major platform.  The developer stated that he may sell the game on his own personal website, but that won’t stop these folks from demanding it on the largest video game platform on the PC.

The fact that there are people ready, willing, and able to jump into defending this title makes it all the bit more nauseating. I can’t think of anything else that would make this game the least bit redeemable let alone playable.  There are no reasons to play this game, and the context in which the events unfold in the game cannot be legitimized in my brain.

Defensive stances from the group range from the far-fetched idea that including rape in a game is a stand for equality.  Despite me already saying that this idea is far-fetched, it is an absolute wrong stance to take when a deviant act is already about power (of many forms).

Another user states that violence is already rampant in games and can sometimes be incredibly detailed.  Others point out that in games that feature a grotesque amount of violence also have context that allows the violent acts to occur in the first place.  This game does not have that context that allows it.  If anything, the context of R.P. (I’m abbreviating because I just don’t like the title enough to spell it out each time) is so thin, and clearly places the player as the bad-guy.

There is no redemption here.  There is no good will or anything here that makes me question aspects of life.  Granted, not every game has to do that. But R.P. stands as a game that was made because it simply could be made.

It’s unfortunate that we have a game like this in the major headlines and it does have a terrible consequence: associating the gamer persona with this terrible title.  Sometimes (and I’ll quote the infamous Jurassic Park) I feel that creators are so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Thank you.


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