It’s summer time, and you know what that means: time for your family to tell you to go outside, a lot.  I have personally preferred the indoors opposed to the hot blazing sun, but that is partially due to how fast I burn up and then hate everything around me.  I also utilize this off time to play a bunch of games that I haven’t really had the chance to get into.  I also use this time to attempt to play some of the games I got off the Steam sale.  The summer is always a slow month, and the only game that I am really excited for doesn’t come out till August; which is Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil edition.

So far my gaming habits for the summer have become more of a throwback then trying anything too new.  Although I still haven’t played Wolfenstein yet, and I wasn’t really interested in it until I heard about how good it was, so I’m looking to get my hands on that.  I jumped into two MMO’s.  Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online, neither of which I am subbed to anymore.  I just don’t have the time and I don’t know how I can dedicate my free time on games that are pretty much a full time job in itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I like both for their respective reasons, I just don’t have the energy to keep up with them.

So for right now I am entertaining myself with some Borderlands 2 on the PC.  I played it over and over again on the Xbox 360, but man, the PC version just blows the console version out of the water.  There are times I underestimate the PC as a viable option because it seems to be filled to the brim with MOBAs and asshats.  But because of how amazed I was at Borderlands 2, I also took advantage of the other Steam sales and got Dishonored GOTY edition for ten bucks, and Batman: Arkham City GOTY for five dollars.

I am spending time on older games to hold me over till the one event I really can’t wait for: the Destiny Beta.  It launches on the 17th for Playstation 4 users, and later on for Xbox One users.  Now, I’m not someone who is a system fanboy.  I try to even out my gaming, but Destiny looks like it’s really going to focus more on Sony’s platform (via exclusive content and the beta).  I’m okay with that.  It just means that I need to obtain a PS4 before July 17th.  Most likely I will end up playing it for both systems somehow.  

So that’s pretty much my summer of gaming.  What are you doing this summer?


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