Before I even start, I want to point out that there is a mass of people who are deeply upset at the fact that, and I quote, “This year’s E3 sucks.”

I also want to retort by saying that this year’s E3 doesn’t suck.  The most of major announcements that Sony (and Microsoft, respectfully) wanted to talk about weren’t really too surprising, and were leaked prior to their presentations.  Also, let’s not forget that we are past the lull of what I call “new console speculation.”  Meaning, the systems are out, so hardware is less of a focus than anything else.

Sony proved my last part to be wrong, because Sony brought a lot to the table.  Almost two hours worth of conference was presented, and most of it was good, some of it was bad, and roughly 1/6th of it was seeing how many times one dude can say “Powers” over and over again.  Now, my notes are just as scattered as Sony’s conference, so bare with me for the duration of this word vomit.

Sony opened their conference with Destiny, my choice for most anticipated title of 2014.  Why?  Aside from having Peter Dinklage narrate the trailer, it looks like Diablo, Borderlands, and Halo had a crazy three-way.  They reminded us that Sony will get the first beta on July 17th, as well as an alpha this weekend.  Oh, but there is a bonus; a white PS4 will be released with Destiny on September 9th.

We then got to see the first footage from The Order: 1886, which takes place a hundred years before my birthday.  We got to see the main character run from a werewolf zombie vampire in a dark and very steam-punkish world.

Then for a chance of pace, we were introduced to Entwined.  A game where you control two brightly colored dragons in a weird, trippy tube environment thingy.  It’s hard to explain, but either way, it’s out right now.  So go play it so you can understand what it was that I was trying to say.

Sucker Punch came up to talk about some Infamous DLC.  You now get to play as Fetch, a female character in the world of Infamous.  I’m personally happy because I think it’s about time we got to see a female super hero.

We also got to see Little Bit Planet 3! It’s not being developed by Media Molecule, but it still looks promising.  The characters have been changed up a bit, but it looks like the game hasn’t lost it’s charm.  I’m actually more excited for the soundtrack then the game itself.

We were then introduced to what Project Beast was all about.  It’s actual name: Bloodborne.  The game comes… from… From Software… the same team that brought us Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2.  The game looks utterly terrifying, but genuinely interesting.

Ubisoft jumped up and showed us some gameplay of Farcry 4.  The craziest part of it was the multi-player aspect of the game.  I could be on the ground, attacking a holdout point, while someone else flies around in a gyro-copter, most likely getting in my way.  The biggest surprise about this game wasn’t that though, it was that if I have a copy of the game and my friend doesn’t we can still play together.  Whoa! That’s amazing! It’s also a feature exclusive to Playstation 4, for now.  This is a pretty big deal, and I hope more games take advantage of this feature.

Sony then showed off a rather humerus trailer for Dead Island 2.  A man is running and as he runs he slowly turns into a zombie, as others behind him are attempting to kill other zombies behind the runner.  A helicopter flies by with zombies dangling from under it, people are driving by in vans just slaying zombies on the sidewalk.  It’s interesting because it seems more vibrant and could show a lot of promise for current gen.

There was also a brief moment where Sony pretty much told me that I was playing Diablo 3 on the wrong platform.  I should have been playing it on Playstation, because the Ultimate Evil edition on the PS4 will have a bunch of “The Last of Us” enemies in the game, and other goodies as well.  I am willing to suffer and get those damn trophies!

There was also a brief moment where they said that The Hulk will be available in Disney Infinity as a timed exclusive.

After that there was a random “HULK SMASH!” heard, and everyone proceeded to laugh.

We were also shown a rather humorous trailer for Magica 2.  I liked it.  I thought it was funny.  Except for the exploding cat.

My mind then exploded when we were told that as a part of an exclusive deal, Sony will be getting The Grim Fandango for the PS4 and the Vita.  It’s a pretty big deal.

Suda 51 introduced something totally bat-shit violent and crazy.  Although I find myself expecting that these days.  Dude, if you want to really shock people, make a super cute game for kids.  Let’s see how people react to that.

The guys who made Journey have a new game called “Abzu.”  It looks like a diver who has an obsession with whales and fish.

To kinda go with the flow of weird exploration, we were shown a demo for a game called “No Man’s Sky.”  The premise of the game is that everyone starts on a different planet, explore the planet, space, and other planets.  The game is rumored to be truly infinite.  It was some bold commentary there, because I have yet to see a game so ambitious as this.  At first it didn’t strike me as something interesting, but now that I gave it a day, I really want to play this damn game!

We got some more Project Morpheus stuff.  Well, we technically didn’t.  People can try it out with three different demos.  I also forgot, this is when Sony took a jab at Microsoft by saying that it was the right decision to offer the camera as an addon and not a mandatory piece of hardware.  I think you guys need to apologize to Phil after he said such positive things about you.

Sony talked about some sort of interaction between gamers via twitch TV.  Other players could help or harm the people playing the game.  This sounds like a terrible idea.  I already don’t trust anyone.

We got a new look at Mortal Kombat X.  Not a fighting game dude, but this game looks pretty sweet.  I really couldn’t tell because at this point, my video feed made everything look like a Japanese porn.

We got another trailer for “The Last of Us.”  A game so nice, they released it twice!

A lovely trailer for Metal Gear Solid V was also shown, giving me all these fuzzy feelings inside.  We saw a lot of epic moments and BIG SHELL! I now need to play this, right now.

Sony then also made a bold move by saying that Grand Theft Auto V is coming out for the PS4!  I say it’s bold because it’s also coming out for the Xbox One and also PC, but they made it look like it was going to be exclusive.  You can also bring your characters from the Xbox 360 and PS3 over to the PS4 version.  I’m pretty sure it was Sony’s way of saying “Don’t worry, we got this.”

At some point, a guy came out to promote a new series called “Powers.”  It seems- you know what… nevermind.  It’s not going to be on Netflix, which in turn it means that I’m not going to watch it.  Sorry guys.

We then got to see some gameplay footage of Batman Arkham Knight, which got delayed till next year.  So yeah.  Thanks for the tease Sony!

Then we left off for the teaser trailer and official announcement of Uncharted 4 in 2015!  I haven’t played through the other ones, so I’m happy to say that I now have enough time to actually beat them.

Final Thoughts:  I thought the conference was very nice.  There were some moments where I was bored out of my skull, and I saw statistics that I didn’t care about.  But otherwise it was very cool to see certain projects in the works.  I am a little upset because most of the conference just seemed like a  smug way of poking fun at Microsoft.  Sony, I just hope next year you can continue to make your customers go “Damn, I have to have one.”

Now excuse me while I try to find a way to sell a bunch of stuff so I can take part in that Destiny alpha this weekend.  By the way, does anyone want to buy a juicer?


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