Ever since I was little I had a very vivid imagination.  Aside from my addiction to learning how everything works, I loved to create.  I was a gigantic fan of Legos (and till this day I remain to be a loyal fan), and any other item/toy that gave me the ability to freely build.  I could look at images, charts, bare instructions and build all sorts of contraptions.  Twenty years later I am sitting at work, putting together my own tabletop RPG.  

I was introduced by a good friend of mine to the world of Dungeons and Dragons.  Yes, it may sound lame to most of you, but to me, this was a new way of gaming.  I couldn’t rely on my controller and video game skills, I had to think.  The idea of having an unlimited amount of choice and using my thought process to complete a task is something that appeals to me greatly.  Soon after being a player, I took up the mantle of becoming a Dungeon Master.

I really enjoy being the role of the DM.  I craft a story, and through it I am able to take other people on an adventure.  Although I really like the DnD world, I wanted something more.  I decided to go ahead and create my own RPG.  The first iteration of my game was rough, and still floating around on my hard-drive somewhere.  Going back and forth, creating the world, races, classes, going back and not doing races, then changing the classes, and trying to make it all work together was fairly advanced.  I needed to tone it down a bit, take it back, and just make something very basic, and not all in your face.

I came up with X-Frames (working title).  Some of my favorite stories revolved around giant robots fighting.  Gundam 08th MS team had such an amazing story, it was short, and to the point.  It also featured one of the most amazing fight scenes that automatically got me to put Norris’ Gouf Custom on the top of my list of amazing fighting robots.

Here is the scene, if you don’t mind listening to the main character’s cringe-worthy voice acting.

I needed an idea, a way to change up the formula.  The last game I was making was more like DnD in the future.  It felt more like an expansion than anything else.  Didn’t feel like my own game, and I couldn’t put enough work to really make it different.  X-Frames will feel different but also feel familiar in a sense.  The world is similar because it takes place on planet Earth and the main species will be human beings.  The time period in which it takes place is cold and different, yet very similar to the struggles that we face in today’s society.  Oppression is a word that is thrown around in this world.

As an example of how I am directing this game, you can pretty much read this to get a basic idea:

In terms of going from a person to a giant robot, everything is larger scale in X-Frames.  Your Frame is by all means, an extension of you, the pilot.  By being a pilot you are automatically a target, but you are also a walking tank that will do battle with other walking tanks (as well as other enemies).  When you move forward one or two squares, you’re moving further than if you were walking (obviously).  That also means your weapons do more damage and materials are far easier to break through.  This also means that the typical skills your character would normally use is not applied to this world.  Modifications or “Perks” will enhance your Frame to be an offensive, defensive, or support machine.

There is a whole lot to this game, including a rather deep timeline of events, weapons, battle systems, and more.  After all, it is hard enough to find robot looking tabletop miniatures.  I’m hoping that I can deliver somewhat of a finished product soon enough, but with some bare minimum requirements.

More news on this in the future, if it’s something you are interested in.

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