Heh, heh, man do I love that overused headline, anyway…

Wow!  I can’t even believe the surprises coming out of Microsoft’s mouth these days!  Offering Netflix and Hulu and other services without a subscription to Xbox Live, something already done on other platforms!  Then taking out the Kinect 2.0 of their systems, lowering the price!  This is all great news, but the amount of exclamation points that I use cannot stress the fact that these are some of the things that the gaming community has been telling Microsoft to do for the last year now.
Let’s also not forget that these are also things that Sony has already been doing on their behemoth of a seller: the Playstation 4.  I could bore you with charts and numbers but who the hell cares about those when you can just state the obvious fact that if a company see’s that it’s doing bad, changes will be made.  It’s business 101, and Microsoft knows that if it wants to stay alive in this day-in-age, it needs to be at least level the playing field to have a chance.  Now, I’m going to reiterate what I said, at least the keywords.  “LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.”  “CHANCE.”  That’s all Microsoft is aiming to do at this moment.

See, the way the business is lining up is that even though Titanfall has been doing very well, and it’s praised by almost every individual person out there, it still doesn’t put the system on the edge.  Then we need to realize that right now, Microsoft doesn’t have an edge.  If we compare companies to deadly blades, Sony is a brand new sharp Katana, while Microsoft is that hunk of metal a blacksmith is still working on.

Microsoft has been hammered on for at least a year for their choices in the console market, and finally they have raised their head and went “Shit, maybe we should change things.”  At this point, Microsoft can’t be better, it just can’t jump up and go “OH! NOW WE ARE THE BEST!” No.  They are making these changes because it has to get to the same level and offerings that the competition is already providing.  Offering Netflix without a sub, then getting rid of the scary Kinect are just two positive steps to becoming fine tuned.

Now, I want you to look back and remember all the people that left Microsoft.  Those guys came up on stage at last year’s E3 in suits and ties while Phil Spencer came up in jeans, a blazer, and an awesome State of Decay t-shirt (That I still want, if you are reading this Phil!).  That right there is a play that this guy cares about games, hell, he’s wearing a t-shirt from a game!  I associate with that guy more because I also wear t-shirts with games on them!  Anyway, Phil knows what he is doing, he obviously has a passion for gaming on the same level as the fans.  So if there is anyone that can help bring the edge to Microsoft, it’s gonna be that guy.

The other notice I want you to think about, away from Xbox, is the outlook of Microsoft as a whole.  Ballmer is gone and replaced, and almost immediately an announcement that Windows 8 was going to get some form of a traditional start menu back.

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.  But don’t think that you have a voice, because it’s not your voices that have brought change, it’s money.  Yes, buy everyone not liking or buying Windows 8 computers, or fully upgrading right away, has led to change.  These are the same reasons why the Xbox One is going under such a drastic change.  It’s less about the fans, more about the money, but that is okay.  It’s all fine.  People need to make money to live.  If Microsoft really cared what you thought, they would have made these changes prior to the launch of the system.


Oh, and while I’m on the topic, Dark Souls, and Super Street Fighter IV is coming to 360 as the Games with Gold in June.  That’s pretty awesome for people who like to cry and get frustrated while playing their games.

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