Marc Whitten, the man who helped release three generations of the Xbox Brand is leaving Microsoft for Sonos, another consumer electronics company.  His position is also called “Chief Product Officer.”  So maybe he doesn’t have to change any of his business cards over.

This news comes from the official Xbox Website.

This happens after the announcement of Jack Tretton leaving Sony.  Of course he won’t be forgotten, he helped put Sony back on the map with the ridiculously selling Playstation 4.

So the question remains: WHY IS EVERYONE LEAVING?!?!?!

Of course this isn’t the first time someone has left a major company.  Can’t we forget the post-E3 announcement of Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft a while ago for Zynga, a sinking ship that is slowly drowning.  Honestly, I just think he was sick of everyone’s shit.  After all, how many of us thought about quitting after some other employees started to shit on our parades?

I really do wish the best for these individuals, but on another note I often wonder if this is good or bad.  Microsoft’s Xbox One didn’t grab a lot of praise while the Playstation 4 dropped one line and won the entire crowd.  How will these changes effect Microsoft and Sony as a brand?  Right now, neither companies are in perfect shape.  Sony cutting losses from it’s laptop and tv line, and Microsoft still making up for the travesty that was Windows 8.

Is console gaming almost extinct?  Will the new replacements help the industry?  Will this be the moment Steam Box picks up it’s momentum?

We will find out.

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