If you know me by now, then this next comment will not surprise you: I’m not a fan of sports.  I don’t find football or baseball remotely appealing to me.  Honestly, I could care less about a player’s stats then anything else.  The one thing that always made me turn away from sports is this mob mentality of being a fan.  If I was to root for a baseball team, it would be the Mets.  Can I tell you who’s on the team?  Only one player, Mike Piazza, and that’s only because his name reminds me of Pizza.

Yankee fans will ask me why I’m not a Yankee’s fan, and despite them not having a player that has a similar name to a rather classic Italian dish, it’s because I dislike the fans so much.  Yes, maybe the Yankees won the World Series a bunch of times, but I really don’t care.  If I decided to jump ship and start to like the Yankees, I would then be called “a front runner” just because they are a good team.  This “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” mentality has always made me stick with what my family has liked, despite wins or losses.

It’s unfortunate that this mentality also exists in my favorite medium, gaming.  Several hours from now, a major Microsoft flagship title Titanfall comes out.  After a very successful beta, millions of people are looking forward to getting their hands on some giant fighting robot action.  The only people who won’t be enjoying this are Playstation 4 owners.

Now, this isn’t anything to hate on the system itself, or Sony for that matter.  I had a Playstation 4 before the wifi card burnt out on me.  I plan on getting another one around the summer when it’s more readily available, plus when there are more games that I want to play.  I think the Playstation 4 is a fantastic machine and does a lot of things right, except for making my wifi card burn out.  I have nothing against the company, but I do have some issues to take up with the immature population of Playstation 4 owners.

I can’t read a single positive Titanfall post anywhere without some person having to express their opinion on how Titanfall is not a good game.  Some people even comment on how the Xbox One is a terrible machine.  The one thing that throws me off is the fact that these people throw these opinions out there like it’s a fact, backed by countless research and development.  As if someone armed with a PHD in video game consoles came out and conducted a study finding that the Xbox One is “the worst machine ever made in the history of man and whoever made it should kill themselves,” and I’m sick of just reading it.

I’m sick of reading it not because it’s annoying to see teenage nothings write comments without substance to them, but because they feel like someone from Sony might give them a golden pin and send them out as a direct representative of Sony.  It’s almost as if it’s someone’s job to instantly spread hate about something they don’t know about (I’m looking at you Arizona).  Have you played Titanfall? Oh, you don’t even have an Xbox One?  So then how is your stance even remotely acceptable?

In order to actually say something negative (or sound like an expert) and have it feature weight to it, you have to have experienced it.  You have to have some sort of history involved in that topic.  I can talk about camping (as in going outside and being in the wilderness, not staying still in Call of Duty) because I spent twenty years camping.  I can tell you what to do, how to do it, and how to properly survive in the wilderness because I have been doing it for an extremely long period of time.  That historical backing is enough proof to positively verify what I say.  If someone came up to me, and told me that you don’t need to create a bear bag for your food in the middle of the woods, then I would laugh at you because you will have your food eaten while mine is safe in the trees.

After all, I know I’m not smart enough to go up to Bill Nye and tell him he has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about.  I have no history in that field!  I have no right to say anything about that!

A lot of people would like to consider themselves smart, and focused on the gaming world and the industry.  The interesting part about this world is that everything changes over a considerable amount of time.  Some people would love to write about games for a living (myself included) but in order to do that there are bias’ that need to be removed.  The sheer fact that someone will instantly just shit on something is not one of those things that will help you progress to your goal.  If you’re just a shit-eating troll then I guess you don’t care enough in the first place about what comes out of your mouth (which is shit, by the way, trolls don’t use toothbrushes).

I often wonder if Playstation owners remember that Infamous (a flagship PS4 title) is coming out this month as well.  I have played the previous Infamous games and they were amazing on the Playstation 3.  Like Titanfall, I am excited about this title too, but just because I don’t have a PS4, doesn’t mean I am going to leave stupid, pretentious comments on websites in order to validate myself with this idea that “I’m a part of the team!”

No one cares, plain and simple.  Bill Gates doesn’t care, Kaz Hirai doesn’t care, Reggie Fils-Aime doesn’t care!  The only thing they do care about is the influx of money these systems and games will bring in.  That’s what they care about.  You think they read comments on IGN and go, “Him! He has the vulgar language that can properly represent this company!”  No, they ain’t got time for that!  They have actual problems and things to worry about.  The only thing that sways the opinions of corporate executives, is the amount of money a product makes, but that’s a topic for a whole different blog.

The pen might be mightier than the sword, and the comments section of any website is guaranteed to be filled with inept morons who refuse to accept equality (I’m looking at you again Arizona), but it’s not the ink that makes the comment.  It’s not the pen that one holds, or the keyboard that one types on.  It’s the person holding that pen, typing on that keyboard that is the true representative of themselves.  Be constructive, give examples, provide something more effective to conversations, no matter what the topic is about.   Unless you’re a colossal idiot, which in that case there will be tons of people out there to remind you of that fact.

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