After the recent blow up of Microsoft taking away all DRM restrictions with the Xbox One, a lot of people have grown from haters to people who would actually consider the system.  I will admit that I fit into that camp of fans.  Most of my major concerns with the system have been solved but at the cost of some features that we are just not ready for.  I willingly accept the fact that the Xbox One has lost it’s main differentiators.  Now the system is just like the PlayStation 4, which I don’t have a huge gripe with.  On the other hand, we are a generation that just isn’t ready for the type of console that Microsoft originally wanted to produce. 

Thousands of people have taken to the internet claiming that they have “trust issues” with Microsoft and it’s future hardware.  Even though I can be a tad bit skeptical in this scenario, I don’t think Microsoft is going to turn it’s back from their fans that quick.  We have to remember what drove Microsoft in this direction:
– Sony’s E3 Press Conference
– Internet’s Backlash
– Military Not Supporting The System
– The Possibility The System Doesn’t Make Money

So they decided that with the data available to them, they decided to go off and rip out all of its functions restrictions.  Now, you still need to connect to the internet on day one to download the patch that gets rid of these restrictions.  This means several things: the systems are being developed and prepared for launch.  There isn’t enough time to load the new software onto the hardware in such “short” amount of time.  This patch may also be included in future waves of the Xbox One.  Most importantly, this also raises everyone’s fear of “Patch 1.1.”

“Patch 1.1” is the possible update that could re-enable all of the DRM functions of the machine.  I’m not saying that it’s going to happen definitely.  Also not saying the first patch will do this.  People are just stating the obvious that Microsoft can giveth and taketh away.  Just knowing this fact that Microsoft has this power puts a lot of people on edge and creates the “trust issue.”  But should we really worry about it?

Microsoft can’t afford to lose their fanbase at the moment, and neither can Sony.  All this does is put both platforms on an even playing field which is needed for the success of the Xbox One.  We shouldn’t forget that Microsoft is a company, and companies need to make money.  The only way they will make money is if they continue to sell systems.  Plus, if they did change the terms of the system, you can expect the biggest class action lawsuit in the history of lawsuits.  The math behind this is almost too much to calculate on a world scale.

The Xbox One will catch on, it’s gonna take time though.  The good news for Microsoft is that Gamestop ran out of pre-orders.  Some actual Microsoft Retail Stores are still taking pre-orders on systems (if you live by one).  So not all is lost for some gamers still looking to nab a system.  In my opinion, they delivered the best E3 conference I have seen in a while (when it comes to displaying games).  Sony made one statement E3 and it stole the show.  Microsoft realizing they didn’t get the standing ovations they were hoping for, had only one choice at the cost of the entire company.

Now Sony, Microsoft; take it to the next level now.  Let the public get their hands on the systems.  You don’t have to have an early launch, but if you want to get a good jump and create a massive demand for your systems, you would give fans an exclusive first look at your systems.  Nintendo did this as the Wii launched and it really helped them out.  You want to break out of the hardcore gaming crowd and really get the more casual users and show off what you can do?  Show off the system.  Get people to play it and talk about it.

If there is one thing I can take solace in, is that Microsoft listened.  They didn’t arrogantly launch a system with the convictions they instituted upon their reveal.  In a sense, they listened to everyone, and everyone voted with their wallets.  Granted they had no choice.  It just goes to show that the consumer is still in control of the market and that is something that relives me.

Now Microsoft, just remember the new motto of the gaming community:  We can forgive, but we will never forget.

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