I just want to take a couple of moments and reflect on that which was the bad taste left in my mouth from the original policy and procedures on the Xbox One.  In all honesty, it was bad.  I’m not going to be the first to admit that I wasn’t going to support the system and instead turn to the competitor.  After all, people were trading in their Xbox 360 systems for PlayStation 3 systems as a way to protest Microsoft’s new standard in digital rights management.  Well… I hope all those people realized how bad that came around to bite them in the ass because as of an hour ago, Microsoft has pulled all DRM restrictions from the Xbox One.  Almost every site is detailing the almost historic event as if we won some sort of world war.

Kotaku.com has published not just the new specifications but the actual letter sent from none other than Don “buy a 360 if you don’t want to be connected to the internet” Mattrick.

What does it mean from this large standing company?  They actually listened to their fans.  Either that or they saw the numbers where polls stated that people were more interested in the PS4 because it didn’t have the issues that the Xbox One seemed to bequeath upon it’s customers.  So it’s only natural that Microsoft pull the “features.”  This does a whole lot more than just remove the DRM, we also lose entire components like sharing games via cloud services.  In general we can expect a lot of changes to come.  Even though the system as a whole is something we didn’t ask for.

I honestly don’t know why it wasn’t like this from the beginning, but I’m glad they are making the change for the better.  Who says they won’t change it back though? (Dun dun duuuuuun)

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