Each team stood at their lines, ready for the final play.  The home team held the ball, ready to throw the last winning touchdown.  The underdogs stood there staring the opposing team down, not running away, or answering the threats made against them.  Instead, they ran with the final run.  In the end, the underdogs intercepted the ball.  They landed and instantly took off.  Killzone blocked the first attacker.  Then the indie games ran aside the catcher.  Destiny then came in and tackled one out of the two last runners on the tail of the interceptor.   Then, out of nowhere, Jack Tretton himself came and ensured the final point for Sony; sending Microsoft off to the showers with their heads hung low.

I call E3 “my superbowl” because that’s what it is.  It’s two teams lining up year after year, throwing plays back and forth, bringing their best to the table to see who walks away victorious.  In this very instance, on 6/10/13, Sony has officially become the front-runners for the next generation console market.

I could name all the reasons why I will be supporting PlayStation 4.  It would be a short list: because it is a system that obviously keeps gamers in mind.  They listened to what we wanted, and even though Sony’s conference went in several different directions, we landed at the answer.  If anything, the PlayStation 4 seems to bring back old school memories of the excitement of the PlayStation 2.

Although, I can’t say Microsoft didn’t put up a fight.  Their conference was all about the games.  We didn’t have superstars come out dancing or playing a Kinect game.  If anything, the presentation was almost textbook styles of what a conference should be.  Show guys playing awesome games, and let them talk a little bit about it.  There was no downtime and there weren’t any moments where I could feel myself slipping away from the experience.  Plus, Titanfall looked like one of the coolest looking concepts for a title.  Although for a next generation title, it did seem a bit rough around the edges.  Still great looking though.

I will also say that after a while of seeing Sony’s conference, I started to slowly realize the wording behind every sentence.  “Watch_Dogs on PlayStation 4 gives you additional content,”  “Batman comes with additional outfits,” and “Beta will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.”  This made me realize that it sounded so much better than EA stating “This game comes with day one downloadable content.”  Well, sorry to say EA, it looks like all the XBox fans jumped the boat.

Now, I can support both companies.  I will support both companies, but as a day one purchase, I will have to side with Sony.  I’m even half tempted to purchase a Vita to reap the benefits of what the systems will do.  I will say, that most of the games I want don’t come out till 2014.  Is that a bad thing? No.  I will say that it gives me a chance to wait.  I won’t technically need any of these systems till the games I want to play are released.  If I can’t get my hands on the system, no big deal.  I’ll just wait.  I am fine with my current XBox 360 platform and my killer PC rig that I can always expand.  We’ll see what happens when this holiday season rolls around.

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