So this week has been pretty bland, news wise.

In case you are not a person who is privy of what kind of blog this is, I am of course talking about the video game industry.  I feel like I needed to make this part clear.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty slow week.  Lots of small independent projects are getting funded and we have a couple of days till E3.  I believe this to be the moment where we all actually collectively decide if we are all going to side with either PS4 or Xbox One.

I’m attempting to stay as un-biased as I possibly can.  It’s good to see Microsoft come out and say that they understand our concerns on the new system.  As I talked to people who aren’t as hardcore into the industry as I am, I started to realize that the top concerns that we have are not the top concerns that they (as a collective society of casual gamers) care about.  People actually do like the features that the Xbox One actually provide, and when I think about the actual realistic sense of what Microsoft is attempting to pursue, it makes sense.  I realized how many people rely on the Xbox 360 currently as a box to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus on, so it makes sense to take a giant leap into that direction.  Maybe we took it too personally that they didn’t talk too much more about the games.  Then again, as a community that just can’t be pleased by anything, if they showed off games we still wouldn’t be impressed.

I’m very interested in the PlayStation 4 as well, buuuuuuut, I want to hold that controller.   I didn’t like the PlayStation 3’s controller at all, but the new one does look very interesting.  I also want to see what other physical features it will hold, and see if it can impact my game play as much as the Xbox 360’s controller has.  Let’s face it, that’s a pretty solid controller for a majority of the games out there.

Well, I’m off.  I just watched Game of Thrones and I’m pissed at that ending.  We got one more episode next week before we go through another withdrawal.

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