Everyone should be slow clapping in very discouraging way with me.  It has been three whole days after the Xbox One reveal, and so far it is still one of the most top trending articles on the internet.  Even Reddit is still posting pictures about their view on the system, and information like that doesn’t stay on the front page for three days straight.

My twitter feed still has Xbox One as one of the top trending topics.  Every site at this moment is dedicated to the Xbox One at this moment.  No other news would be able to topple it.

I even talked to people on the streets, saw my friends pass by me on the sidewalk and ask me what I thought of it.  People that would otherwise have no idea about the system has spoken to me about the system.  To me, this is an absolutely insane conundrum.  Then I slowly realized late last night that what we as a society just committed.  We gave Microsoft free marketing for their system.

As the old saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell your name right.”  Most certainly, it’s hard to misspell “Xbox One.”

It’s interesting to look at what we have done as a society.  We don’t like the features of the system, and we rant about it.  Chances are that someone else is going to catch it.  Even if what you say is negative, someone else might think it’s cool.  Let’s not forget that negative press is almost as useful as positive press.

See, you need to look at this industry of gaming, and it’s fan-base as a target.  In the middle you have all the hardcore gamers out there.  We are the people that take the information delivered, and we analyze the crap out of it.  We take the past history of system and apply the knowledge bestowed upon us, and apply it to modern day rules and complications.  This then makes us decide if we approve of the content given to us, or we disapprove.  Either way, because of the current world of technology that we live in, our voices are heard even stronger.  This trickles out to the outer circles of people that range from average gamers, to people who barely play games.

We have Facebook accounts and we have friends and family who have no idea what was going on.  They barely know what an Xbox 360 is, yet you are continuously shoving information in their face about how bad the system is.  Maybe they become interested in what the system does, so they look it up and guess what, it’s not so bad.  It’s not so bad because they don’t possess the knowledge that we have.  If we think about the non-gamers in the world, or the people who play much less than we do, the Xbox One is a game changer.  People might actually like all the features that Microsoft is throwing out there.

We marketed this system for them.  Sony didn’t get this much attention after their conference, and that is a well known fact.  Right now Microsoft is looking to be one of the most popular systems on the market and it hasn’t even hit the market yet.  We are literally the social networking glue that holds the entire internet together, and because of that we are also breathing billboards for people to hock their junk on.

Remember when people were going to boycott Call of Duty on Steam?  Well, most of those guys purchased the game anyway.  We are in an age where “money talks, bullshit walks” and as much as I say I’m not going to purchase an Xbox One on launch day, there is a slight possibility that I might actually purchase one.  Why?  Because as I stated in my last article, none of the ramifications that constitute a negative reaction does not apply to me.  Chances are, they do not apply to you either.


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