Xbox One Revealed

   So it has been two full days since the reveal of the Xbox One.  Instead of taking to the internet and showing my disapproval of the system like thousands of people have, I contemplated the actual arguments that people are bringing to the table.  I sat down and actually thought about the system and the probability that I would invest and become an early adapter.  The responsible adult tells me to hold off and wait, while the childish gamer on the inside says “screw it, buy it upon launch.”  Sometimes I have to smack that little child version of me, because this is one of the rare times that the adult needs to take charge.

Now before I become the asshole of the internet, there are three variables that fit into this entire situation:

       1 – No one is forcing you to purchase this system.  You may be pissed, but vote with your wallets folks.  I will be too.
       2 – The system hasn’t been released.  There is still little bits of time where things can change.  
       3 – We got all this news in advanced amounts of time.  These shouldn’t be major surprises to us.

Let’s look at these arguments and anticipate all the hate I get, shall we?

Xbox One RevealedXbox One Revealed

No Backwards Compatibility

Yes, the Xbox One will not feature backwards compatibility.  It can’t play 360 games, and the Xbox Live Arcade games won’t come over.  Microsoft claims this to be due to the new architecture of the Xbox One.
       People’s Reactions:  They are pissed.  People want to have a system that does everything.  If the Xbox One is able to bring your television and sports into ONE area, then why can’t it be the ONE place I can also play my Xbox 360 games on?
       The Revelation: You already have an Xbox 360.  If you want to play 360 games, then turn on your 360.  Sony fans have been jumping on this aspect of the system claiming it’s a deal breaker but you also realize that Sony said the PlayStation 4 will also not feature backwards compatibility.  This is a stupid argument to put on a pedestal, because in the end, no one is getting this feature.  It’s like going to your brother or sister and saying “your parent’s are stupid.”  They are your parents too!
But I can understand the actual aspects of not having everything in one machine.  Sure, it’s a pain in the ass to maybe move over an HDMI cable because you don’t have enough spots.  My entertainment system doesn’t have enough room for all of these systems and I am already jumping back and forth between HDMI outputs.  It’s something you unfortunately get used to.  Plus, it gets dusty behind there.  You do need to clean it every once in a while.

Xbox One RevealedXbox One Revealed

Always Online

So after the event we were told that if the system isn’t connected to the internet once every 24-hours, then something happens.  We don’t exactly know what, because no-one has a clue.  The executives from Microsoft, the guys who made this technology, have no idea what happens.
       People’s Reactions:  Of course people flipped out.  Having a mandatory online system sucks.  I agree.  I don’t want to have a mandatory online system where I have to be connected to the internet.  I want to make that choice for myself…
       The Revelation:  …I’m always connected to the internet.  I got lucky to live in New York, where WiFi is handed out like free samples at your local grocery store.  Sure, there are some people who don’t have these options.  Especially in the military.  But the question I have: are we horrible people for using the military as a catalyst for not getting our way on a video game system?  It’s almost like we (yes, the entire gaming community) are trying to tug at the heartstrings of people, because we want our way.  Fox News uses this tactic all the time.  I love the military, I love what they do.  I have friends in there.  But we are pretty much mocking their usage by saying “oh, if they can’t have it, neither will I.”  They are also fighting for our freedoms, maybe you should do that too.
Now I am always connected online.  I have a gaming PC rig that is always connected online.  I ran a CAT 5 cable through my house just so I can make sure I got the best connection.  I am proactively making sure that I have internet.  I should honestly be fine with the new system requiring this “check-in” feature because with platforms like Steam, I have been doing that already.  If you are reading this, chances are you deal with it too.  I want to say “get over it,” but at the same time, I don’t like this feature what so ever.

Xbox One RevealedXbox_Controller_F_TransBG_RGB_2013

No Used Games

So this is another piece of news that dropped after the conference.  If I purchase a game and perform the mandatory install on my system, then give said disk to my brother, he also needs to pay for the game in order to play it.
 People’s Reactions:  Pissed of course.  I should be able to lend my games to my friends so they can play it.  Right now a friend of mine is playing Bioshock Infinite and if it was next gen already, he wouldn’t be able to do that unless he payed for it.
The Revelation:  We have also been doing this for several years now.  Now, I am aware that people survive on used games sometimes.  From what I see though, it’s a pretty small percentage of people.  I also indulge in used game sales myself because new games are just too expensive sometimes.  The rest of the time, sure, I’ll pick up that game at full price, play it once, and never lend it to anyone.  It just sits on my shelf forever until I decide to get all nostalgic.
Once again, I have been doing this with Steam.  Paying full price for a game, for your name only, and never having the ability to sell it.  Quick note, I only purchase my games on Steam when they are on sale.  I hate paying full price for a game that I know doesn’t deserve the sixty dollars it’s asking for.  For instance, GameStop is selling used copies of Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning for $39.99.  I got the game, plus it’s downloadable content for $7 on PC.  Hell, maybe everyone should be looking at PC as your console of choice.
There are many other issues that revolve around this idea.  We don’t know what the fee is.  It is rumored that the fee is going to be around the full price of the game.  Which would make sense.  They don’t want people to pay a discount for the same game.  Imagine how much action that disk would get?  What I would like to see, is that you have a discounted price if you want to play the game from the disk itself.  If you want to install it and never require the disk, then there would be a premium price for that.  Why do you think EA got involved with this, huh?
Now, yes, once again this sucks.  I tend to borrow a lot of my brother’s games and if this system is implemented  this means I still have to pay my way to play it.  Overall, it’s like an underground ponzi scheme which I am forced into attendance.



Yes, the whole god-damn thing was about TV and sports.  It got to the point where I even let out a sigh because I knew that with this one hour of time, I was not going to get what I wanted.
 People’s Reactions:  Pretty much the same as mine.  Even though people flipped out a whole lot more than I did, I can agree with their statements.  We didn’t get the games that we wanted to see, and instead we were being shown overly optimistic executives  telling us that this is the system that we want.  I get it, people like some of this stuff.  If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t have Netflix or Hulu.
The Revelation:  You don’t have to use this feature.  You should have also kept your mind open because there was nothing but headlines stating that the Xbox Reveal wasn’t going to be entirely about the games.  E3 was going to be the major moment for Microsoft to show off the games.  We knew that, yet we somehow choose to put our fingers in our ears and go “blah blah blah, I’M NOT LISTENING!”
Yes, they could have cut back on all of these things, but the reason why they didn’t will be explained within my next topic.



Call of Duty was the big game reveal.  Not only did they show off some of the game, but they used Call of Duty as a way to show off the new technology of the Xbox One in action.
The Revelation:  Call of Duty is the number one most played game on Xbox Live.  It makes the most money year-after-year.  Even people who don’t like the game still buy it! People actually purchased Xbox 360 consoles so that they can play Call of Duty with their friends, when they already owned a Playstation 3!  This game moves consoles, and even though you don’t like the game, Microsoft doesn’t care.  This is a business, and if showing the new Call of Duty in front of a whole bunch of people makes them want to purchase the Xbox One, then so be it.  It’s a harsh thing to say, but it’s the truth.  Why wouldn’t you show the best franchise?  People already know what Call of Duty is, it’s already established, it’s the perfect game to show off.
Sure, people were making fun of the “arm hair and dogs” routine, but it was a way to advertise the system to people, as well as show off some technical prowess.  I will even admit, I play Call of Duty, and it looks pretty damn cool.  I like what they said and I like the improvements on it.  I’m not going to shove some nonsense rhetoric down someone’s throat because other games were using the same technology.  There is no fun in that.  This is a world of gaming, and if we can’t enjoy the very thing that we love then why be involved in the first place?

COD_Ghosts_Deep_Dive COD_Ghosts_In_The_Weeds


Sure, a lot of people are outraged by the reveal.  People didn’t get their games, we learned more about the system after the conference than during it, and we are all sick and tired of our TVs by now.  None the less, we were introduced to the next generation.  Personally, I’m not going to purchase this system on day one.  We still really don’t know anything about it.  When executives can’t give us answers then I can’t give them my money.  That is just how this needs to work.  We need to make sure we stick to our guns, otherwise we are sending the wrong message to these companies that it’s okay to pull tactics like this over our eyes.
Will I purchase a PlayStation 4 on launch day?  I don’t know, I still don’t know anything about that system either.  All we know is that they are both going to be very similar, and that both parent companies love money.  We’ll see if they get any of mine.

Once again: Vote with your wallets folks.

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