So today I posted an article that was about a week late.  I’m great with timing and what not.

I don’t think I have to remind you that the next Xbox reveal is tomorrow.  It’s practically posted everywhere.  If there was a bald man, or a woman who was wearing her shirts just high enough for you to see her tramp stamp, chances are Microsoft might have paid for advertising there.  It’s not like they are going to need the money.  This is going to be the biggest reveal of this generation.  It’s going to cause a lot of buzz and the feedback is going to be imperative towards Microsoft’s success.  Third party companies are lining up to start showing off what they have been doing for the last two to three years of production.  I’m excited.  Then again, sometimes I am forced to be.  Trust me, this one is authentic.

I have finally gotten up to the last battle in Fire Emblem.  It’s so good that I don’t want to finish it.  Not until I have something else to play.  The girlfriend has been telling me that I have to play Animal Crossing.  So relatively, I HAVE TO PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING.  I’m not complaining or anything.  I already deal with doing a large amount of mundane tasks in my daily life, at least I can be a dick and steal other people’s stuff.
Although my girlfriend has an ulterior motive: get me to work for things to give it to her.  Hell, if I end up really loving this game, it’s gonna be hard for her to convince me to give her all my stuff.  Either that or distract her.  With something.  I have no idea.

I have also been playing a game on my Android tablet called Dragonvale.  It’s a cute free-to-play, but pay-to-be-better-than-everyone-else kind of social game.  You raise dragons to become awesome fearsome beasts that still look kinda cute.  The game itself is a simple Farmville rip-off but with this on my tablet and phone, it’s a good time waster (even though the entire game focuses on you NOT spending time in the game).
If you want to play faster, or beyond the time limits, you have to pay.  Me, I’m okay with just letting the game run for a bit and checking back in several hours to see if all the damn trees have been cut down to make way for my fire dragon habitat.  It’s not a game on the top of my list of “have to play” during the day because it’s better if I don’t actually play it.  I set things up, I have to wait several hours, and what do I do with that time?  Play something else.  I can kind of get used to these games that allow me this sort of leeway.

On a last note, I might be writing for a website.  An actual website.  So we’ll see what happens with that.  Tomorrow I plan on talking about the new Xbox and I know that some places will start to take pre-orders on the system super early.  So keep your wallets handy folks.

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