EA has spoken to us and stated that they will no longer be supporting the online pass system.  This is a fantastic thing to hear, but I wouldn’t be too sure at the moment.  We don’t know exactly why they are abandoning the format, but if there is one thing we could understand, is that it doesn’t work.

EA has taken a couple of hits in the last several years standing.  They are at a loss and the only thing that could bring them back from extinction, and get more people aboard the “maybe EA isn’t so bad” bandwagon is to get rid of this wretched curse.

Some of us may sigh in relief, but others are just taking this moment as a breath of fresh air.  For all we know, EA could be preparing for something worse.  Mandatory online perhaps? Micro-transactions? Who actually knows.  With E3 right around the corner, we should remain vigilant and weary of what this company can do.

Stay keen folks, I have a feeling this is just the first part of a JRPG boss battle.

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