I have a very strong love/hate relationship with Call of Duty.  At times I really enjoy the game, and other times I despise playing it.  None the less, the one thing that really sucks me into the games is the trailers.  Activision has some grade-A studios making their trailers and this just looks damn good.  They know how to draw you in and keep you thinking about what their next title will bring.

The full announcement will be later on this month on the 21st.  Hit the jump for some rumors.

Some interesting rumors state that the game will take place between the future and past.  Certain times you’ll play as Soap with Ghost, and then fast forward to the future.  Very similar to what Black Ops II does.   The multi-player portion of the game will take place in current day with some futuristic weapons.  There will be no dive mechanic, instead there will be a sliding like feature, as well as rolling on the ground when prone.  Additional Rumors state that the game will also feature destructible environments and dynamic loading screens.  Meaning that you’ll constantly be doing something and there will rarely be an actual loading screen.

Keep your eyes open for a November launch date.  Also, I would take this video preview with a grain of salt folks, I suppose they’ll show it with the next generation hardware instead of what the current generation is supporting.

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