As of late we have been paying attention to what Microsoft has been bringing to the table.  This is because Microsoft is the last company out of the big three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) to introduce their next generation system.  Perhaps the next generation is going to introduce something more than just a system.

In this video we are introduced to IllumiRoom.  The general idea is that you have your TV set up, and everything around it becomes an expanded screen.  It’s not necessary, it’s not a required add-on, but it is something that actually could draw attention.  I say this because it is something that hasn’t been done before by any company.  This has the possibility of catching on, or becoming a gimmick.  It also seems that there might be some flaws with the system.

IllumiRoom uses a projector.  So we would need to see a cheap enough projector where people are actually going to purchase it.  Also, will we need to have a special calibration to it?  I know the Kinect works very well and it’s a rare occasion when you do need to calibrate it.  What about the picture? The room? Do I need to have special paint?  There are plenty of questions that we all have about this technology, but the biggest question for myself is “what games would be cooler with this technology?”

I would say Mirror’s Edge could utilize the full effect of this technology.  Most first person games would be interesting.  I would like to see a Call of Duty where the mask is really outlined by the projector around the TV, giving you a deeper sense of immersion.

Now, I’m not 100% sold on the idea, but I do feel that this very well could be a wildcard for Microsoft.  All they need to do is have a price point that is friendly, and some games that are ready to go.

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