Earlier today Nintendo held another gathering that they call Nintendo Direct.  Nintendo has been holding these events through the year on an almost quarterly rate to make their fans aware of the games coming out under their exclusive banner.  This idea might be the strongest piece of marketing that they could ever conjure. 

Nintendo released the Wii-U several months ago, just before the holiday season.  Unfortunately it has not been selling as well as they hoped.  This may be due to the lack of games (and third party support), but almost every Nintendo system has this really rough start.  I can go into several things Nintendo needs to improve on when it comes to the Wii-U but that’s not here nor there.  What they are doing is something even more genius.  They concentrate an event using one platform or another.  Today’s platform was based solely on the handheld 3DS. 

The 3DS came out two years ago and since then the system has been having a rough time catching on (not nearly as bad as the PS Vita though).  The one thing Nintendo is promising is the amount of games coming out for the handheld.

They showed many games circling on the Mario franchise.  Mario Party, New Yoshi Island, and even Luigi is getting his very own 3DSXL.  Nintendo has also announced a new Legend of Zelda for the handheld which will take place in the same world as Link to the Past.  Let’s also not forget the fan favorite: Animal Crossing.  They have shown off the 3DSXL which will be released in America along with a downloadable copy of the game installed in the system already.

Nintendo also showed off Pikmin, and a launch date for Donkey Kong.  Might I add that I seem to have an issue with Nintendo releasing a new Donkey Kong on the horizon (May 24th), but it took a whole lot longer to localize Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  They really did toy with the emotions of their fan base.  I remember when there was an outrage during last year’s E3 conference when Nintendo did not make a single mention of Animal Crossing.  Although they have seemed to get their act together just a bit here, but don’t take my word for it.  We don’t have a date for (and I use this name loosely) “Link to the Past 2.”

None the less, they have found a great way to market their games, and give us a public status update on how the progress is with their games.  I would love to see Sony and Microsoft do the same thing.  If anything, both companies should be building up their hype.  Sony has already announced the Playstation 4 while Microsoft is still lurking in the shadows, waiting to drop the details on their next system.  This time between major game releases should be spent attempting to build up hype, get exclusives, and possibly draw attention away from Nintendo, who right now seem to be making some of the more colorful and fun looking games.

I for one can say that I do not have a Nintendo 3DS, but I am looking forward to buying one and having as much fun as Nintendo makes it look.  Check out the gallery for some screenshots from today’s event!

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